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Texting & Calling for Microsoft Teams - approved contact network helps customer service and sales teams work more collaboratively and efficiently - Powered by Approved Contact + Evolve Cellular

approved contact network helps businesses communicate with customers through company-owned and controlled texting


Customers use text to interact over existing phone systems.
Employees reply from Microsoft Teams.
Integrate with back-end systems. Communicate with convenience, control and confidence.

Business Challenge

Texting wanted by customers. Control and protection needed for business communication.

  • Customers expect to communicate with businesses and government using text messaging.
  • Allowing texting creates problems:
    • Lack of archive and audit trail with the potential for data loss and legal risk exposure.
    • Lack of control over company or official communication.
    • Difficulty in easily inspecting content of messages.
    • Mix of work and personal text messages.
    • Difficult integration into existing business processes.
  • Result: customer texting is not feasible for many business or government entities.
  • However, employees text anyway because customers have their mobile numbers and insist on using them to communicate quickly and easily – and to receive immediate responses.

Text Message Solution

Customers send text messages to Teams for control, confidence and legacy integration.

  • Turns business lines (landline, VOIP, PSTN, DID, any phone with a dial tone) into text-enabled numbers. Use for direct route, operator connect, calling.
  • Customers don’t install anything – and they already know how to text.
  • Business texting through business-owned numbers.
  • Employees don’t carry and employers don’t purchase employee cell phones.
  • Personal and work texts are separate, protecting employee privacy and insuring separation of personal and business information.
  • Employees use a smart app (soft client) on their phones or access Teams on the desktop.
  • Messages are delivered into Teams; files & images are uploaded to SharePoint or OneDrive, creating a legal archive of messages.
  • Allows eDiscovery applications to monitor content, and data-loss prevention tools to prevent disallowed content.
  • Business workflows can be integrated into ERP, CRM, Vax tracking, curbside pickup, HR recruiting, call center, other legacy and line-of-business applications: Power Automate, Dynamics or 3rd party applications.
  • Protected and regulated industries can use texting to communicate confidently and safely with customers.
  • Larger Businesses & Integrators can bundle Text Messaging into their own offerings.
  • Available in the MS Portal to SMB customers.

Business Uses

Report Issues
Report fender benders, loud or roaming pets, vandalism, service requests and more.
Schedule Video Interviews
Schedule video interviews for candidates, meetings, or consultations.
Social Distancing Compliance
Curbside service or social distancing compliance.
Prove COVID Vaccination
Prove COVID vaccination or other status reporting.
Report Requirements
Report maintenance requirements for public roads.
Improve Communication
Communication between patients and caregivers.
Open Support Tickets
Open product or service support tickets.
AND Countless More Uses!!!
AND Countless More Uses!!!
Approved Contact Text Messaging - text customers using Teams!

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