RingCentral Texting Installation Instructions

After purchasing the RingCentral Texting App, follow these easy steps to set up your RingCentral for Texting.

Texting for your apps

Step 1: Reach out to to request your RingCentral number be enabled for texting.

Step2: Once your number has been approved for texting, go to the RingCentral app gallery at www.ringcentral.com/apps

Step 3: Search for the app by typing “Approved Contact” or “Texting”.

You can also type in “Texting”, then scroll down thru the texting apps to find it.

Step 4: Once you have found the “Texting” App, Click the “Visit Page to Download” button.

This will take you to a URL. Click “Go Now”.

This will take you to a Sign In page.

Step 5: Sign in to validate/allow RingCentral Texting to work by clicking the “Authorize” button.

Authorizing the “Texting” app will now allow you to use text with RingCentral.

That is it! You are good to go!

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