Texting for People

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approved contact network helps people communicate through a second texting number


Use texting to interact over existing phone systems.
Reply from the application on your mobile phone.
Communicate with convenience, control and confidence.

Texting Challenge

people want additional control and protection for individual communication.

  • People expect to communicate with text messaging.
  • Allowing your mobile number to be proliferated creates problems:
    • Lack of control over who can communicate with you.
    • No easy way to report SPAM messages received.
    • Deleting messages eliminates the messages you want to keep.
  • Result: texting becomes a storage nightmare on your mobile phone.

Personal Texting Solution

send text messages from your second number for control, confidence.

  • Turns ANY land line (landline, VOIP, PSTN, DID, any phone with a dial tone) into text-enabled numbers.
  • A dedicated number for a single user to send/receive texts.
  • People text through their second number.
  • Messages are delivered with files & images thus creating an archive of messages.
  • 500 texts per month for $6.00 per month.
Approved Contact Text Messaging - text customers using Teams!

** For Consumer use only (Business to Consumer texting requires a Brand and Campaign registration on www.campaignregistry.com), Voice and texting services are subject to Terms & Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policy

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